We handle all of your crane service needs.

As the customer, you deserve superior service in exchange for your business. For your project to be a success you need DNJ Crane Service, a company with personal integrity, quality equipment and a solid commitment to safety. We provide cost-effective solutions that get you the results you’re after. We are committed to support you with 24/7 service to keep you running and on the job – anywhere in Florida!

At DNJ Crane Service we know that no two projects are alike. Your project is unique to your goals and specifications. That is why we customize a plan to meet your precise needs insuring that every detail is addressed. In addition, we will provide general lift plans for your job upon request.

We offer a wide variety of crane and rigging services and have the experigginrience and training to tackle all types of crane and lifting jobs. We’ve done it all from lifting furniture multiple stories up to wind turbine erection and maintenance. Whether your project is residential, commercial or industrial in nature DNJ Crane Service can help.

Rigging Service
Concrete Crane
Lifting Services

We make your construction projects run more efficiently with our crane services.

Work smarter not harder. Our cranes will assist you in lifting all your heavy materials and machinery. Having your supplies where you need them, when you need them, speeds up construction. Get your projects running smoothly. We lift materials on high rise and multiple story sites and help set materials in place on your building projects.

From structural modifications and engineered deconstruction to new construction and upfits, our experienced team will deliver your project safely, on budget and on time. We have 30+ years of experience working in the construction industry on a variety of projects, lifting and placing materials such as; structural steel, precast concrete, wooden trusses and much more.

Crane Services

Let DNJ Crane Service move your construction project to the next level. We will do all the heavy lifting, freeing up your crew for more important tasks. You will feel reassured knowing that you hired a professional, experienced company that ensures the safety of your crew and work site. We’ll get your project moving more efficiently which will improve your bottom line and increase your profit.

Prompt, professional service is what you get with DNJ Crane Service.

Delays cost money and hold up progress. The success of your project depends on meeting your deadlines. You won’t have to track us down to get your project back on schedule. When we say we’ll be at your job site at 8AM, we are there. You can depend on us to show up on-time and ready to work.

Your crane rental will be scheduled for the time you need us. We can accommodate for your project even if it requires off hours or weekends, whenever you need us we are there. Call us anytime 24 hours 7 days a week.

Man-basket hoisting requires strict adherence to safety standards.

Safety is our biggest concern when hoisting your workers into position on the job site. Cell tower work with the use of a man-basket can be a dangerous job; It is our responsibility to prevent workplace hazards, we take that responsibility seriously. DNJ Crane Service strictly adheres to all OSHA safety standards. We don’t take short-cuts just to speed up a project. Getting our workers and yours home safely at the end of the work day is our number one priority.

One of the safety standards we have in place is properly training our staff. All of our cranes are manned by trained and NCCO certified operators. Another thing we do to ensure your safety is to conduct daily on site equipment inspections and performing a job safety analysis on every project. Further, third-party yearly equipment inspections are conducted through OSHA. You can rest assured knowing that our crane operators are well-equipped to handle your crane project safely.

Light Post Setting

There’s no job to small, if it needs a crane, you can count on us.

Setting light poles can be a daunting task without the right equipment. Renting a crane will get your light posts up and in place so your crew can focus on getting them wired. Keep your crew on task doing the job you hired them to do while we take care of your crane work. With everyone working efficiently you’re sure to stay on time and on budget.

Need help setting heavy signs, scoreboards or billboards? Then give us a call so we can give you an estimate. We can schedule sign installation for you business after hours so we don’t interrupt your workplace and customers. Call us today at 941-378-9671; we can quote many jobs over the phone.

We take you to new heights with our hoisting and rigging services.

Cranes get those heavy items where you want them. We will receive, store, haul and set your heating and air condition (HVAC) system and lift and set roof top generators. Our expert riggers can take care of any heavy machinery that needs lifting.

A simple job like moving furniture to an upper level of a home or apartment building can be complicated because of the weight of the furniture combined with the tight layout of stairs and doorways. Specialty items like antiques and statues are properly handled to avoid damage during the move. We work in tight situations and lift your items with care, getting them gently hoisted to their new location.

When you need to move objects to multiple stories DNJ Crane Service will get the job done. Lifting hot tubs and other heavy items to multiple story decks is effortless with our professional crane operators. You’ll be relaxing in the soothing waters of your hot tub before you know it.

Boat Hual-out

Boat haul-out

Let us assist you with your boat haul-out. DNJ Crane Service will haul-out wide boats that cannot be accommodated by travel lift systems. We have the reach to get your boat and can work on steep embankments. Whatever the reason for needing a crane to lift your boat, we have the solutions. We can also place your boat into the water and assist in take off.

Cranes make light work of your marine projects. We can help unstep/step masts or assist in lifting and placing new boat engines. Some of the other harbor services we provide are; lifting heavy loads from dockside onto your boat, unloading cargo from your boat and placing dockside and setting floating docks into the water.

We perform tree services.

Cranes can be used for tree trimming, placement, relocation and removal. If your tree is in a tight spot, near power lines or just too big for a tree company alone, using a crane might be the safest solution.

When your tree is close to your home or another structure or you are removing a large, damaged or dead tree, the risk of personal injury or property damage may warrant the use of a crane. High safety standards, properly maintained equipment and certified operators, give you the confidence to know that you’re in safe hands with us. Our operators are careful with your property and complete the job with minimal encroachment and disturbance to the surrounding area. We review every detail of the job to determine the best methods to accomplish the job in the safest and quickest manner.

Many factors can make it nearly impossible to perform tree work safely with traditional equipment like ladders, bucket trucks and climbing gear. Things like sloped landscapes, fences, overhead power lines and close structures can prevent the most seasoned tree professionals from getting the job done. Also, if the tree has been damaged or is dead, it may not be safe to attempt tree work that might compromise the stability of the tree. Our certified crane operators will work with you to complete your tree job in a safe and timely manner.

Basically anything that requires a crane, we can do!

DNJ Crane Service can handle any project from a 22-ton to a 100-ton lift capacity.

Each crane rental comes with a certified operator and rigging that will support most everyday lifting tasks to get the job done securely. We arrive at your project site on time and prepared for your project. For specialized rigging equipment let your operator know beforehand and we will supply the necessary rigging to accommodate your needs.

Whether you work in construction, road and bridge building, power generation, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC), communications or just about any industry that makes, installs or uses heavy equipment and machinery, you can rely on DNJ Crane Service. Even if you need something heavy hoisted up high we have the best lifting and equipment for the job. We provide manned (operated) crane rentals for all size projects.

We look forward to working with you on your crane project. Free estimates are available on all projects and can often be done over the phone. To set up an appointment for us to come out to your job site or to schedule your job, call us today at 941-378-967.