Crane Service Questions:

Do you offer free estimates?

Our knowledgeable staff can answer many of your questions and will be happy to give you an estimate over the phone if possible. However, it may be necessary for an estimator to come out to the job site to address any site specific safety concerns and size factors. We offer free estimates for any job that cannot be determined over the phone.

How much do you charge to rent a crane?

You can reserve crane rental services by the hour, week or month. The cost will vary depending on the size of the crane. We will discuss your project to determine the amount of time necessary so that you aren’t overpaying for your rental.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept most forms of payment including credit cards. Please note we offer a cash discount when paying by cash.

What is your policy for canceling a job?

We prefer at least 24 hours notice to cancel, but there are no cancellation penalties due to bad weather.

Is DNJ properly insured?

Safety is our top priority and insurance coverage plays a big part in our safety plan. DNJ maintains comprehensive coverage from AAA rated insurance companies and we also have lift insurance which covers whatever we are lifting. Call us so we can discuss how this pertains to your project.

Are your crane operators certified?

Yes, all of our operators are certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

How often is your equipment inspected?

We perform daily inspections as well as job safety analysis on site. OSHA does a third-party inspection yearly.

Do you offer crane rental service during off-hours and weekends?

Our regular business hours are 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday thru Friday, but we are available if you need crane services during off hours or on a weekend. We provide 24 hour personalized service and will work with you to handle the unique needs of your project. For emergency crane service call us at (941) 915-0117 anytime or day.

How far will you travel for a job?

We are based in Sarasota, Florida and will travel anywhere within the state of Florida.

Do you offer bare (unmanned) crane rentals?

No, we do not offer bare crane rentals. Our certified crane operators provide the expertise you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Do you offer crane service for residential communities?

Yes, we have done several residential crane projects. Some of the projects we have worked on are massive tree removals and installations, AC placement and hot tub installation. Our crane service has been used in high-rise apartments and office buildings for items too large for elevator service.  DNJ has extensive experience safely working in tight quarters and residential communities where safety is of the utmost and highest concern and consideration.

What type of rigging do you provide with the machines I’m renting?

We generally have your most commonly used rigging available on the crane that will support most everyday lifting tasks. We come prepared with different size web slings, wire rope slings, hooks and shackles. If your job requires specialize rigging like spreader bars, man baskets etc., they are available upon request.